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Accessibility and Environmental Statement



We welcome everyone to Pendragon House.

House Layout

The guests’ part of the house is on 2 levels; ground and first floor. The house is accessed directly from Cross Street. We haven't any private parking but you are allowed to stop on the double yellow line in Cross Street to unload. Parking is available in nearby side streets.

There is a single small step from the pavement into the house.

The dining room and guest toilet is located on the ground floor on a single level there is a 1cm step into the dinning room.

The ground floor layout is not suitable for wheelchair users but is suitable for guests who may have difficulty climbing the stairs.

Ground Floor Flooring

The entrance hall has floor boards with two rugs and guest toilet has tiled floors and the dining room floor is made from terrazzo marble.


There are 16 carpeted steps, with a handrail on the left hand side, up to the guest bedrooms on the first floor. The stairs have a turn and landing after the first flight of 8 steps.


All our bedrooms are located on the first floor.

Menus and guest welcome information have been written in large print.

Kettles are available in all rooms.

The bedrooms are lockable with a key and guests are also provided with a front door key. If you lock the bedroom door from the inside, please make sure you do not leave the key in the lock – this ensures access can be gained in case of emergency.

The televisions in the room have remote control handsets.

Each bedroom has a main ceiling light, controllable from the door. There are also bedside lamps.

The duvets and pillows are made of a synthetic filling, suitable for people with allergies.

Rooms are equipped with en-suite shower rooms.

If you have any specific requests or questions that you would like to discuss with us, please call or email.


Green Dragon Environmental Standard

As our contribution to saving energy we, where possible, use energy saving light bulbs and recycle all our bottles, cans, plastic and cardboard packaging and paper.

Heating is thermostatically controlled and adjustable all guest rooms.

We will change the sheets and towels after every guest or once every 4 days in the case of longer stays. If you wish to have them changed more regularly, please put towels in shower, and advise us if you wish to have the beds changed - we will be happy to oblige.

You can help save water and energy by avoiding leaving the taps running when you clean your teeth, and turning off lights and the TV when not in use.